Meet Hayley



I am a military wife to my high school sweetheart and mama of two.  I am a coffee addict and a light chaser.

I’ve always owned a camera.  When I was younger it was a pink slim line Polaroid that I had to wait an entire week for the film to be developed at the drug store.  In high school I spent time in the dark room developing images for yearbook assignments.  It wasn’t until I became a mom that I picked up my first dslr with the sole intent to document my children.  Their lives.  Our story.

I understand the importance of pictures.  There aren’t many pictures of my husband as a baby due to a house fire when he was younger.  My grandfather passed within months of me taking his portrait and thankfulness cannot begin to describe how grateful I am to have those now.  My wedding album and our family pictures off the walls are among the first things packed in an emergency.  Evacuating for hurricane Katrina taught me that.

Images are part of the fabric that weaves the legacy of us.  The memories they can hold and the stories they tell.  It’s what fuels my passion to document simple days, families, giggling kiddos and life.








Hayley Warren Photography is a proud partner of The Love Project Portraits, Inc.  serving families with life altering medical conditions in Northeastern North Carolina and Southeastern Virginia.


Thank you Ann Woodard for these cherished family images!