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March 30, 2016

Tips for a First Time Second Shooter

Let me start by saying that I have had nothing but the best experiences second shooting weddings and I have completely fallen in love with every aspect of the event.  It’s a great responsibility that comes with a high compliment when you are asked to represent another professional on a couple’s most important day…but there are some ins and outs that you need to be aware of.  Nothing scary, I promise!


Shot for Angela Piccinin Photography

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In For Photographers on
September 15, 2014

Packaging & Branding

I think the most difficult part about being a creative person is the marketing side of photography.  I’m drawn to so many styles and it has truly been a process to brand myself and put together packaging that I feel reflects my personal style.  I could not have done it without the invaluable and spot on help of Emily with Chili Toe Creative Services!  She took what were just a mess of rambling ideas and a lot of back and forth emails and made them into a logo design that perfectly reflects me.

Yes we have chickens, a lot of chickens, and I knew I wanted that to be incorporated into my logo…but I also wanted it to be simple.  To me a nest is more than something in a laying box, it’s home.  A place that holds new life and new beginnings, creates warmth, comforts and draws your heart close.  It’s the symbol of family, engagements, marriages and memories.  Everything that pulls at your heart strings to pursue devotion and live simply…to me it starts with a nest.


Packaging was slightly more time consuming.  I really wanted to stay simple and incorporate thoughtful products into the final presentation of my custom USB drives.  My goals…to create petite packaging that is not only pretty but 100% recyclable.  I am over the moon with these clam shell cases that are made out of recycled cardboard!  They remind me of vintage egg cartons.


Also completely recyclable are the mustard yellow chevron washi tape and white paper rope wrapped around the case to keep it closed.


My custom printed wooden USB drives are nestled inside along with a thank you gift chosen from a local artisan.


Each tube of lip balm is 100% natural made from therapeutic grade essential oils and hand poured by Jolene, the owner of Southern Roots in Wilmington, NC.  Of all the products in her shop this is my favorite and I had to share it with my clients!


This is the packaging and gift each portrait package client receives along with their prints.

{Vendor List}

1.  S-Packaging | {Green Packaging Supplier}  I really can’t say enough about this vendor!  I love the quality and price point of this packaging material that is not only cute but functional.  It’s also recycled and can be recycled…that’s a huge score!

2.  Michael’s Crafts | {Washi Tape and Paper Rope}  Etsy and Hobby Lobby are also great resources for paper crafting supplies.

3.  Dollar Tree | {White Crinkle Paper}

4.  Miller’s Professional Imaging | {Custom Wooden USB drive}

5.  Southern Roots Natural Healing Store | {hand poured natural lavender vanilla lip balm} My favorite product from Jolene’s shop!  All her products are available online or in her retail shop in Wilmington,NC.

6.  Chili Toe Creative Services | {custom graphic design}  Emily is amazing to work with!  I loved how she took several of my style ideas and turned them into something professional and personal.