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February 7, 2017

Shelter Pets + why I order pet food online

I love to order things online…like seriously love it.  We live a good distance from major shopping and I don’t really have the time to run out and pick up what I need really quick sometimes.  Because it’s never quick, never.  So two years ago I started ordering basic things online.  I use Grove Collaborative for eco friendly household items and Amazon for pet food.  Our dog has skin and stomach sensitivity and the local store didn’t always have the brand we buy for him in stock but Amazon never fails so I added the cat food to the rotation as well.  This has been an ideal arrangement until last month there was a fluke with the cat food and I had to go to the store to buy it.  The store that also houses several rescue cats available for adoption from the SPCA.  This is where Jasper Owens enters the picture.  I am weak and obviously cannot go to a pet store just for food.  So now we have three cats and their food is back in rotation with our monthly order from Amazon.  He’s sure is a cutie though!  And if you were ever considering adopting from your local SPCA I highly recommend it.  We have adopted two and they are the most loving, grateful animals that will most definitely add joy to your family for years to come!

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