What to Wear Guide

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  1. Gap.com & OldNavy.com.  They provide a great option for “basics.”  Just about anything you’d need you’ll find on their website.  And Gap frequently offers sales and discounts if you sign up for their email list, plus their sale rack prices are amazing! $$-$$$
  2. Freepeople.com.  Free People is my happy place.  Think easy, breezy, comfy, boho chick. $$$-$$$$
  3. Anthropologie.com.  It’s a little bit more on the expensive side, but the clothes are quality, unique and last forever. $$$$
  4. Jcrew.com.  Their Crew Cuts kids line is probably one of my top 5 sites for kids clothes.  Also, their shoe selection for kids alone makes me giddy. $$$$
  5. HM.com.  I consider H&M the holy grail for all things boy and men.  And, they just recently started selling clothes online!  Eep!  Their price point is ridiculously low and the clothes are my favorite.  Their trouser pants are around $10 and are amazing quality.  Also, the cutest little cardigans, sweaters, button downs and other great accessories for super low prices.  Keep in mind that H&M sizes are a little different, and they run big.  If your son is an average size 4, buy him the size 3-4 pants.  The 4-5 seems like the obvious choice, but they’ll be too long and too big around the waist. $-$$
  6. Zara.com.  I get lost on this site, seriously.  So many adorable pieces, shoes, accessories, etc. for men, women and children. $$-$$$$
  7. Modcloth.com.  A fun, flirty and pretty affordable site for women’s timeless dresses, fun tops and the best shoes and accessories! $$-$$$
  8. Shopruche.com.  Another great site for women’s dresses and tops.  Gorgeous, gorgeous clothing. $$$
  9. Joyfolie.com.  Shoes, shoes, glorious shoes!  For girls and women.  Breathtaking dresses, jackets, caplets. Moms will thank me for this.  Husbands, not so much. $$$$
  10. Fleuranddot.com.  The most adorable girls clothing you’ll ever find if you’re vintage-inspired in your look. Hands down. $$$$
  11. Catch-alls.  Antique stores.  Garage Sales.  Flea Market.  Target.  EBay.  Etsy.  Local boutique shops.  Pop-up Instagram shops.  Hand-me-downs.  Always keep your eyes peeled!  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find.


For Women:

Alloy. www.alloyapparel.com $-$$

American Apparel. www.americanapparel.com $$$

Nordstrom Rack. www.nordstromrack.com $$$

Dottie Couture Boutique. www.dottiecouture.com $$-$$$

The Oxford Trunk. www.theoxfordtrunk.com $$-$$$

For Men:

Nordstrom. www.nordstrom.com $$$$

LL Bean. www.llbean.com $$-$$$

Land’s End. www.landsend.com $$-$$$

For Kids:

Zulily. www.zulily.com $-$$$ (leave plenty of time for shipping)

Le Coxa Boutique. www.lecoxajboutique.com $$-$$$

AMAE CO. www.amae-co.com $$-$$$

The Children’s Place. www.childrensplace.com $-$$

Loola. www.loola.bigcartel.com $$